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Do you have a link online to watch the Siberia (driven to extremes or something??) documentary Tom did? Thanks

You can find Tom Hardy’s Driven to Extremes episode on Vimeo here

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What happened to Tom's twitter, facebook and instagram accounts? Any idea why he started and quit them so quickly? Love your blog, thank you.

No idea really. They probably seemed like a good idea to start at the time and then he or his people realised that it was a bit unmanageable after seeing what it was like for a few days. I like to think that he’s spending the time not tweeting/instagramming, chillin’ with his family and working on bringing us interesting new things to watch. :)

Glad you like the blog!

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Tom Hardy at the Sun Military Awards Part 1


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Tom Hardy at the ‘Road of Bones’, Siberia in Driven to Extremes

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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the Tomhardy twitter links lead to a german trainer, not sure if it was always like that or a recent change.

Pretty much all of Tom’s official twitter, facebook & instagram kind of stuff got shut down after about a week of them being set up. 

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Tom at the British Independent Film Awards tonight. :)

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Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley at the BIFA ceremony tonight!

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Photography: Joe Lally, Styling: Seth Howard | for OUT Magazine (2008)

I’ve never seen the top photo before and only a partial version of the other one. Source (and thanks to) stylist Seth Howard.