The article about Tom Hardy in Deep Magazine, translated and scanned by the lovely things-i-heart:

“No need to hear the abuse that surrounds alcoholism and dysfunction in families, because it’s something I know from experience. Talking about it is really cathartic, and I feel an obligation to those who understand that world and to those who do not.”

From an early age Hardy was disobedient. Any issues that involve dirtying his hands was attractive to the London born actor, who spent his teenage years exploring the darkest corners of the world, in part, he says, to see if he could control it. The chronology of crimes and disasters is impeccable, when he was only 13 years he had his first beer, at 15 in a stolen Mercedes Benz, he was expelled from school for stealing and faced the possibility of going to jail for carrying a weapon. The rebellious attitudes worsened over time into an addiction to alcohol and drugs. It was his little interest in staying in school which, ironically, led him to where he is now. While studying at the Drama Centre in London, his behavior drove him to ultimate be expelled and after spending his first years in all kinds of conflicts, he decided that acting would be the best way to show his parents, Anne and Edward “Chips “Hardy, writer of comedies and ads, that he was not a totally lost case.

In 2004 Tom divorced his first wife, and it was with his now ex-girlfriend Rachel Speed he had his first and only child, Louis Thomas Hardy, one of the reasons why the actor decided to turn his life around. After getting his first role (and then collapsing in the streets of London because of an overdose), he was disciplined and eventually, in 2003, entered a rehabilitation clinic. Currently, Hardy has a stable relationship with actress Charlotte Riley, who he met on the set of Wuthering Heights (2009) while playing the main role of the British classic novel, adapted for the small screen.

A major player

Weapons, grenades, violence and a lot of blood accompanied his beginnings in acting. In 2001, Hardy won the role of Private John Janovec in Band of Brothers, the HBO series portraying the experiences of Easy Company of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the Army of the United States. Although his participation was limited to two episodes, he very soon enlisted to another very similar project. It was with Black Hawk Down (Ridley Scott, 2002) which the actor did his big leap to the big screen: the military haircut, boots and uniform fit him well, but above all, it was his ability to lift heavy weapons and his excellent physical condition which were highlighted as some of his greatest attributes. Besides excelling in his looks, Hardy has succeeded in giving a comic touch to his characters, their true origins have gained a cynical personality all on their own. And it must be admitted that this “touch” is only one side of himself. He’s convincing and his characters are so memorable that some visceral performances have been compared with those of Marlon Brando in his prime.

All or nothing

Hardy is known for his intensity, his devotion and his immersion in his roles, but, incredible as it seems, his rudeness is not the feature which has made him be cast as violent men, it’s his ability to act and his versatility on camera which really earned him the role of villain in a movie more than once. Such was the case of his participation in Bronson (2008), the film that portrayed the story of Michael Peterson, aka Charles Bronson, one of the most violent criminals of UK. There, Hardy, made an interpretation in which his body was hard, but the dramatic and humorous nuances of character were what really made the critics start to talk about him. The same happened with Warrior (2011), where he plays a former Marine who’s resentful, and who must face his brother in a mixed martial arts tournament. For the preparation of Tommy, his character in this film, Hardy underwent a training process (in which he was even inside a cage) to understand the concept of this kind of fighting. He came to Hollywood by the hand of Christopher Nolan in Inception (2011). Indeed, Hardy was about to bail on the movie because he didn’t know ski, but Nolan was so infatuated with him in the film, that he allowed him to take lessons on the set.

Kill the Batman

Hardy will star as a new version of Mad Max, who better than the face of great forceful acting to revive a classic? Apparently, risky bets do not cause the slightest fear in the English actor cast as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises: This popular character (who, interestingly, is of Colombian origin) broke Batman’s spine at the end of the saga in the comics. However, Nolan has been seeking to adapt the profile of this villain in an original way. It has been said that the character of Bane bears some similarities with another figure of literature: Edmond Dantes, better known as Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, who must bear the family stigma. however in the case of Hardy’s character, as he defined it, ends up being the sadistic, merciless, inhuman result of an experiment.

The dark side of Tom Hardy has been the culprit to make him the best he can be in front of the cameras. A penance that is worn with pride by actor even in his name, which defines him as a strong man, carrying a unimaginable fortitude, being able to break bones and the owner of an unbeatable character which leads him to be able convey intense emotion confronted only with a camera.

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