His eyes in that third one. Crinkles of snarky humor. Total confidence. No fear. And a touch of delicious insanity.

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Video from Tom Hardy’s screentest for Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. 

Because I hadn’t seen the actual video before. And because of arms! :)

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Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

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Christopher Nolan on Tom Hardy as Bane, " He created an immense, terrifying character only with his eyes and eyebrows… And also a scary physical transformation. Such actors always makes me think of what John Ford said: when he was having a problem on set, he said that the most fascinating thing in the world remained the human face."

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Nolan Batman Meme

|2/3 Outfits - Bane’s Winter Gear
"No one cared who I was until I put on the mask".

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Gotham! Take control…Take control of your city.

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Special Announcement!

Hello Sexually Frustrated Palm Cult Members (and all other Batman fans currently reading)!

As some may know, the first anniversary of the release of The Dark Knight Rises is coming up on July 20th. After some discussion, the leaders of the SFPC have been considering throwing a party on this day, where we will once again stream TDKR for all fans of the movie. We figured it might be appropriate so all can join together to once again go through all of those Batman, Bale, Hardy, Hathaway, Gordon-Levitt, Nolan, Zimmer emotions once again.

However, we need some input before we can make a final decision! Actually, scratch “some”, because we need a lot! We will also reblog this several times so more people might be able to see. And we encourage you to reblog it as well!

How many of you would be interested in taking part in a first anniversary screening of TDKR?

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