Here’s the new trailer for Locke with Tom Hardy. Yay!

I love this film. :D

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Tom Hardy talks addiction, alcohol and never giving up on your dreams.

Prince’s Trust Ambassador Tom Hardy catches up with one of our first Celebrate Success winners, Kenny Ross. In this revealing film, the pair discuss addiction, alcohol and never giving up on your dreams.

Video by The Prince’s Trust /Celebrate Success Awards. More video interviews with Celebrate Success winners here.

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Video from Tom Hardy’s screentest for Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. 

Because I hadn’t seen the actual video before. And because of arms! :)

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What Thaac and thdo didn’t know… or they didnt want you to know

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A little film of Tom playing with the puppy on the set of Animal Rescue. :)

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My video of Tom Hardy drawing Bane on a hard-boiled egg LOL

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Tom Hardy tries wrestling! 

From Driven to Extremes - the show in which Tom is half-naked all the time… My god that man is stubborn and focused, he really is trying so hard. How can anyone not love him to bits? :)

Also, I spy a few tattoos I didn’t know about.

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Tom Hardy & Mika Salo in Driven To Extremes!

It’s all about the bromance, this. Tom & Mika pour love over each other, it’s adorable. First it’s about their impressive endurance and skills, and then it’s all giggles and hugs. :D

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Another Driven to Extremes video!

Tom Hardy is hilarious in the cold. :)

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A longer trailer for Tom’s episode of Driven To Extremes - Coldest Road.

I can inform (and perhaps disappoint) some of you that he is NOT only wearing his pink hat when he’s taking a dip in that ice hole. *g*

This show will do nothing to lessen the real-man talk about Tom, that’s for sure. He really got into being the explorer/adventurer, it seems. Maybe he’s kind of playing the role of adventurer!Tom.

Can’t wait to see all of this!

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One more interview with Tom Hardy & Guy Pearce from Cannes. Tom doesn’t think it’s a problem at all to be the only Brit among all those Australians. It’s all about talent! And wanting to be liked… :)

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New redband trailer for Lawless

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Behind the Scenes, featurette

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»The one where Lauren choose Tuck.
»The one where the two boys end up in each other’s arms.

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Tom strolling in West Hollwood

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